Change of venue. Very important!

Dear all,

We’re very proud to inform you of a change of venue for the First International King Cobra symposium. The symposium will be moved from the Van der Valk hotel (Veenendaal) to the brand new facilities of Edupet at Veenendaal. Accustraat 1-5, 3903 LX, Veenendaal.

Edupet is especially equipped for the education on all animal related subjects and the venue will have the most modern equipment for lighting, sound and recording. This will ensure a more desirable ambience for all and give us the opportunity to do more in the field of multimedia.

Visitors from abroad can still use the facilities of the Van der Valk hotel for the duration of their stay or any other nearby hotel. Distance from Van der Valk to the Edupet location is only 10 minutes.

We sincerely hope that you’ll enjoy the symposium, the lectures from all speakers and the new venue.

From all of us working hard to make the symposium a success, this venue change is the best thing that we could have hoped for. This way we hope that the symposium will open doors for more of these and other prestigious events here in the Netherlands.

Video of a king cobra rescue

When you attend the symposium you support several good projects concerning conservation and education of the king cobra.

On of that is saekerat rescue and conservation center. Here they educate people about the king cobra and also they rescue king cobras out of houses so that they dont get killed.

Watch this video of Ajay Giri, one of our speakers at the symposium.

New name added to the symposium

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we regret to inform that Prof. Indraneil Das will not be speaking at the Symposium. It is a great loss indeed, but we hope to be able to continue our cooperation with him in the future.

Nevertheless, when one door closes, another opens, and we are proud to inform that we can welcome another big name to our speaker line up, and that is Mark O’shea, renown herpetologist and television naturalist. He is set to give some extremely interesting lectures, not to be missed!
Get your tickets now! Cause you might never find a better line up of speakers again.

New sponsor

And a new sponsor is added.

The German company Chimaira will be there for selling their beautifull and informative books concerning all different sorts of reptiles.

Welcome aboard Chimaira!

A really international event

While our speakers come from different countries all over the world like, India, Thailand, Indonesia, USA, United Kingdom, Netherlands and Australia, the participants win this contest of being the most international.

We have several bookings from different European countries like, Germany, United Kingdom, Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic and even Cyprus. But also people are travelling from different continents to come and be at this event. We have participants from India, Australia and even from Chile.

All people are welcome at this beautifull event that we organize to raise money for conservation of the impressive king cobra.

4 Sponsors for this symposium

So happy to inform you that we allready have 4 sponsors for the symposium. The sponsors make this event possible and also make possible that all the profit goes to conservation and education of the King cobra in the wild.

The sponsors that allready agreed to donate are:

Reptielenhuis de Aarde from Breda, Netherlands,

Avonturia de Vogelkelder from Den Haag, Netherlands

Stöpler Veterinaire Endoscopy, Utrecht, Netherlands

King Cobra Conservancy, Princeton, Florida, USA

Thank you all so much!

New speaker added!

We’re very pleased to inform you that Bartosz Nadol has joined the line up as speaker at the kingcobra symposium on the 6&7th of October this year. His work in Thailand has inspired many young conservationists and has saved the life of many snakes.
He’s founder of the Sakaerat Najas project that does great work by bringing education about snakes to local people and they also have training programs for snake catchers which prevent the unnecessary deaths of many snakes, great work!

He will be planned into the programm soon. So keep your eyes at the programm. More information following soon.

Also we are planning for another new speaker to add so keep on following this news!

A short story of Colin Thomas Strine

Just a peak in the life of one of our speakers at the symposium: Colin Thomas Strine:
“King cobras in Thailand are woefully persecuted. They are killed by government officials even though they are protected by Thai law. Often seen as the most dangerous Thai snake, there is a major disconnect between the reality of king cobra behaviors and the perceived threat to humans. Every single school group the Sakaerat Conservation and Snake Education Team has surveyed listed the king cobra as the most dangerous and likely to bite humans of all snakes in Thailand. This fear, and recognition can be shifted to respect. By showing real behaviors near humans, and by displaying the story of these fascinating animals we can make a difference. The key has been long term exposure to conservation team members focused exclusively on developing the relationship between humans and these fascinating animals. Sakaerat Conservation and Snake Education Team firmly believes that humans and king cobras can coexist without persecution, and thus our fundamental value is education.”

Romulus Withaker at TED stage video

We’re extremely honored that Romulus Whitaker will be one of the keynote speakers in the fabulous line up at the king cobra symposium .
Here you can see him give a talk at the prestigious TED stage.
If you want to learn from the best and meet him in person, the symposium will be the place to be.